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"  The  Samuel  Cleage  House  "
Number # 1 ; The Best way to Paint A New Original Oil Painting is To get A New Lay Out. Number 2  Get on Paper all the things You need to say You are going to do it and Let Your People know on Their Order You will Have Proof You Need to Say You are working on it. Number # 3  Size, in Color and the time of the Year go-s best with The Original, Spring  Colors are Octcber Colors , and so-on.  The Artist Needs to Pick the Colors in the Painting With the People that Order it. This Way Everyone is Happy. Then Paint it and do Your Best and hope Everything works Out Good.                                                           P S  The Artist needs to do 20 Lay Out's in Ink; So He will Know Everything is Right. Then Put The Paint to it.                                                       Just A little Note to Let You-al Know;  What go-s Under The Paint.                         Thanks  Artist  Arnold  McDowell  June 23, 2013  and  All on  this  Page  is Copyrighted  by  Artist  Arnold McDowell & DLONRA and Co.        
" Something  New  Coming  Soon  by  Artist Arnold McDowell "

More New Up Dates will be Posted Soon on This Painting;

This  Original  Oil  Painting  is  Copyrighted  by  Artist  Arnold McDowell   &  DLONRA   Co.       c
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"  The  Old  Red  Rooster  "
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No End to this WebSite ; It come with      48 Years & 59,000 Works of Art.
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Art  Sample
Art  Sample
"  Young  Dreamer  "
"  Play-toe  &   Jo "
"  You Will  Know-em  when  You  See-em  "
The  Roswell  New  Mexico  Painting's
Art  Sample
Art  Sample
  2014  New  Art  Prints   and   New  Christmas  Plate;
THANKS    Arnold  McDowell.
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"  Angel  Falls  "
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by  Artist  Arnold McDowell  Art.
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Art  Sample
"  Angel  Falls  "
           " 4 Grasshoppers                             Singing to the Moon "
This Art Sample is Copyrighted            by Arnold McDowell
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This  Art  Sample  is  Copyrighted  by  Artist  Arnold  McDowell      c
Art  Sample
Art  Sample
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